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Client ranking of law firms, BD hacks, and client service topped the most popular Mad Clientist posts of 2023. Use these to drive growth, retain clients, and improve the culture.

Each post still offers new insights and strategies. Here are the top posts of 2023 in 2 groupings:

Ranking and Ratings

The 46 Most Feared Firms in Litigation

Top legal decision makers and attorneys alike want to know what it takes to be fearsome — who is fearsome and what it means. This is a direct result of the tremendous growth in complex litigation and new and novel cases. Clients want the most feared firms on their side.

Learn more in the BTI Litigation Outlook and here.

The BTI Client Service All-Stars — Client Single Out 293 Attorneys Delivering the Absolute Best Client Service

Client service site at the epicenter of client relationships and better outcomes. This post pinpoints the attorneys delivering the absolute best client service — with no prompts, suggestions, or self-submittals, these are the only organic ranking of client service in the world — and top legal decision makers flock to it to see who is best.

Clients Single Out Law Firms Delivering the Best Client Service — The BTI Client Service A-Team

A cousin to the BTI Client Service All-Stars, The BTI Client Service A-Team identifies the law firms delivering the best client service — all identified organically — with no prompts, suggestions, or self-submittals. Clients see who is best, and law firms learn how they perform on each of the 17 activities driving client service.

31 Law Firms with the Best LinkedIn Engagement

LinkedIn is quietly becoming the go-to source for top legal decision makers. Clients visit LinkedIn more than 2x as often as law firm websites. LinkedIn engagement drives client connection and inbound leads — the best kind. Learn how and why.

58 Law Firms Moving Up Market in Litigation

Litigation is getting more complex. Clients face peak litigation loads. Moving up market continues to get harder and harder every year. These 58 firms managed to gain more client preference and improve their market position — an impressive feat as the litigation market only gets more difficult. Learn what they are doing and who they are.

BD, Client Service, and Talent:

RFPS hit a Screeching Halt

Clients have little time for RFPs. They take a lot of time and yield little. Top legal decision makers are quietly using fewer RFPs to bring in new law firms. They are relying more on peer referrals and thought leadership to find only the best talent. Clients issuing RFPS are looking for law firms with new ideas and approaches.

17 Top Reasons Lawyers Don’t Call Their Clients

It’s easy to find a reason not to call a client. Learn the most popular reasons and start a campaign to remove these self-imposed obstacles.

10.1% of Attorneys Report a Toxic Culture — How Many Are Great

Culture is getting more of its day in the limelight. Learn about the 4 types of law firm cultures and what to do to improve the culture of even the best firms based on more than 1,000 responses to our workplace and attorney satisfaction survey, attorneys.

6 Tactics to Immediately Your Pitches and Proposals

Your pitch is more important than ever as clients are more open to hiring new firms than they have been in decades. Learn the specific tactics you can take right now to stand out and land the work right during the pitch.

9 Q4 Business Development Hacks

The last quarter of the year offers unique business development opportunities. You can also see these early in the 1st quarter — as in now.

6 Phrases Clients Want to Hear from You

Words matter — they go beyond sharing and knowledge. They impact which attorney gets hired, it also defines the client experience. Learn the words clients think make the most impact — and how they impact you.

We will discuss the impact of all of these topics and new issues for 2024 in the BTI Market Outlook and Client Service Review webinar.  Learn where clients are spending, the law firms clients recognize as the Leading Edge Law Firms — and so much more. This is a sell-out event — register below!

Space is already filling up fast for the BTI Market Outlook and Client Service Review webinar — now in its 15th  year. Learn where clients are spending, the law firms clients recognize as the Leading Edge Law Firms — ready for whatever crazy thing the future throws at them — and so much more. This is a sell-out event — register today!

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