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High-quality voice dialogue between clients and their relationship partners remains rare. Only 21% of clients report a high-quality ongoing dialogue with their main partner outside of a matter-related discussion. This leaves a lot of room to develop client relationships.

But outside attorney reluctance to call runs rampant. Here are the top 17 reasons why:

    1. The Matter Is Over

      Relationships extend beyond matters, but only if you build and nurture them along. Voice dialogue is the fertilizer to grow a matter-based relationship into an ongoing client relationship.

    1. Who Has Time?

      Making time brings a double benefit. Voice dialogue not only builds relationships and new business — it provides a mental refresh when you discuss new topics and learn about your clients. Top rainmakers build client calls and conversations into their daily life.

    1. I Need to Update Myself On Their Matters Before I Call

      Best to call clients and learn what they need and are concerned about before preparing for everything you think might come up — especially if they have a topic not on your list. Clients are fine with you calling back with answers.

    1. They Don’t Want to Hear From Me

      Clients get new ideas from these conversations. New ideas often arise from sharing small points of view — then grow. They will pop up at unpredictable times and even during different conversations.

    1. If They Need Me They Will Call Me

      Why take the risk the call intended for you is intercepted by someone else who is calling to initiate dialogue.

    1. It’s Not My Relationship

      Coordinate with your team — make a plan for you or someone else to be calling and talking to this client.

    1. Email Is So Much Easier

      Email is great — but it’s not personal enough to initiate the informal chatter proven to bring out context and other subtleties.

    1. What Would We Talk About?

      You can talk about the myriad new issues corporate counsel face — or ask how they are doing. Ask about their pressures and priorities. Make yourself a list of questions or see our blog post on the lost art of calling clients here.

    1. I Don’t Know My Clients That Well

      Calling clients is the antidote. The first call will get the ball rolling.

    1. It’s a Good Day When You Don’t Hear From Your Attorney

      A standard joke often embraced as reality. Clients want to hear from their trusted attorneys, both the good and the bad — and your interest in understanding them.

    1. I Don’t Know Who Is Running the Show Over There

      Start with the people with whom you work most closely.

    1. Not Sure Who to Call

      Again, start with the people with whom you work most closely.

    1. Don’t Want to Call the Wrong Person and Insult Anyone

      Like 11 and 12, start with individuals you know best — if you know more than one — call them all in a proximate time frame.

    1. They Are Never In the Office

      Leave a message and/or send an email asking to set up a call. Include why you want to talk.

    1. They Never Answer Their Phone

      Every corporate counsel checks their messages. Like 14, leave a message and send an email with the detailed reason you want to talk.

    1. I Don’t Know Their Direct Dial

      Call whatever number you have or start with the main number. Send an email. Check their email signature.

    1. They Will Think I Am Trying to Sell Them Something

      Share a detailed explanation of your purpose in calling — share an agenda. The specifics behind your call will alleviate this concern.

There is no shortage of reasons not to call and initiate voice-based communication to drive high-value dialogue. The attorneys delivering the best client service (and booking more new business than most) all engage clients by voice regularly. They make time — and will tell you the rewards dwarf the investment — and they enjoy each and every conversation.

Best in the market ahead.

The Mad Clientist

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