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in-depth interviews
years of insightful listening
The best performing law firms in the world can't get enough client feedback

Experience a new world view of your clients from best-in-class client feedback

BTI World-Class Client Feedback Programs

The most potent, compelling, engaging insight to immediately drive action and boost performance while creating growth for your firm.

72% of clients want to give their law firm feedback



Only 30% of law firms ask in a meaningful way



BTI is the undisputed leader in law firm client feedback. We help our clients create the most robust and enduring client relationships. Our customized approach and probing interviews with corporate counsel and top legal decision makers are as engaging for your clients as they are compelling for you.

World-class compelling interviews
High-impact, granular and actionable results
The most robust and enduring client relationships

BTI’s Unmatched 7-Step Custom Client Feedback Program Approach

Customized and tailored solutions integrating 30 years of experience and insight.

Refine Goals & Objectives

We capture your latest and most-developed thinking from stakeholders of your choosing to define strategic goals and objectives.

Selecting Clients for Feedback Program

We work carefully with you to select clients based on your goals and experience with client feedback. We typically focus on targeted groups that include one or more of the following:

  1. Disproportionately large percentage of revenue generation
  2. Existence of major opportunity and spend
  3. Significant firm growth and increasing needs
  4. Decrease in billings below a certain threshold despite continuing outside counsel spend

Develop Compelling & Engaging Research Instrument

We distill your objectives, priorities, and sensitivities to develop an engaging and insightful research instrument based on our exclusive benchmarking data which provides the most robust insight into your clients’ thinking.

Conduct Compelling Research with Clients

Our interview is designed to be as engaging for your clients as it is compelling for you. We understand interviews are a branding experience for the firm and will ensure each client is impressed with the questions, process, and thoughtful approach. We use 4 types of questions:

  1. Structured: allows for unprompted, unaided responses
  2. Quantitative: attainable analytics & metrics
  3. Forward-looking: anticipation of changes in client expectations
  4. Experience-based: pinpointing actual client behavior (often differs from stated behavior).

Develop a Detailed Interview Transcript

We provide you with a powerful transcript detailing all aspects of client thinking gained from our in-depth interviews. An unprecedented opportunity for the firm to see:

  1. Core strengths and weaknesses in client service
  2. How clients rank your firm’s performance
  3. Previously unknown business development opportunities

Client Analytics to Reveal Untapped Opportunities

We aggregate and translate data into insights about client service, satisfaction, needs and performance—providing deep, often overlooked, insights into trends and firmwide behaviors (includes competitor benchmarking).

Findings, Conclusions & Recommendations

We deliver your client analytics, findings, conclusions, and recommendations in a comprehensive presentation—highlighting specific areas of concern and key insights from our analytical data.

BTI’s 17 Activities Driving Superior Client Relationships

BTI’s research with more than 20,000 buyers of professional services isolates 17 activities essential to delivering superior client service and driving superior relationships. Corporate counsel assess each activity on 2 dimensions—importance and differentiation—to identify the activities most important and most influential when evaluating legal providers.

Top legal decision makers see the above client service activities as interrelated. In addition, the activities in the upper right quadrant impact all the others.

How We Help Our Clients

The best performing law firms in the world can’t get enough client feedback.

Law firms use third parties, leadership and relationship partners, and online surveys to obtain, analyze and put client feedback to work—to improve client service while building substantial amounts of new business. Global law firms know client feedback is essential for current and future performance.

One thing we’ve learned in our 30 years: it’s easy to ask the wrong questions. Even easier to get the wrong answers. We know which questions really work, the clichéd questions to avoid, and how to go off script when clients take you places you really need to go. This makes the interview as engaging for your client as it is compelling for you.

Our innovative programs help you achieve granular, actionable, and high-impact insights, plus a world-class branding experience for your clients with our compelling interviews. You also get engaged, driven, and empowered partners who go out and build better client relationships.

Our programs allow you to draw on the most robust insights into your client’s thinking and immediately leverage this strategic tool and give your firm a clear path to help drive growth and boost performance:


Client feedback boosts client retention rates upwards of 33%


Client feedback solutions drive revenue growth upwards of 36%


Client feedback improves client retention—saving firms an estimated 5x the cost of developing business with a new client


Targeted client feedback programs create superior relationships with your most profitable clients— giving your firm 8-20% higher rate premiums

Reap the Rewards of a Powerful Client Feedback Program Today

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