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Clients hate to be sold, but love to buy

We help law firms generate new, lucrative work with our high-impact programs and business development coaching.

Change your business development mindset

We work with the best performing law firms and professional services firms around the world, big and small.

Only 12% of attorneys believe they have the professional skills or know how to develop business in a meaningful way.

Clients hate to be sold, but love to buy. They spend millions of dollars without ever being sold. They will lead you directly to new business if you let them. The best performing and most aggressive law firms are using innovative strategies to win these clients and follow the path to new business.

You can create a new business development mindset—with each attorney and across the firm. You can do this without changes in infrastructure, technology or compensation.

We’ve helped growing and highly profitable firms generate new, lucrative work with our high-impact, interactive programs, workshops, and business development coaching.


BTI Business Development Programs

World-class and exclusively designed, our proven tactics, strategies, and tools developed from in-depth research from more than 1,000 interviews with top rainmakers and 16,000 C-level executives about how they acquire professional services.

  • Learn exactly why 82% of attorneys don’t believe they have the skills to develop business
  • Understand how to teach these skills so attorneys will embrace business development
  • Teach business development approaches to match each attorney’s style and comfort level
  • Learn what the real Rainmakers do and how they book 5 times more business
  • Achieve higher-rate work while clients see more value
  • Adopt & adapt our proven tools to develop ongoing business, new clients & inbound referrals
  • Learn to spot key industry trends & use them to your advantage immediately
  • Learn to win work without submitting RFPs
  • Learn the 7 Killer Rules of developing business