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The BTI Litigation Outlook 2023:

Litigation Spending in the Uncertain Economy and Beyond

The economy may be uncertain — but client’s litigation spending is anything but. Litigation is set for its 3rd year in a row of increased spending. Granted — it’s more selective than in the last 2 years — and law firms will have to work harder to capture it — but those who do will be handsomely rewarded.

Our latest research is complete and our new report BTI Litigation Outlook 2023: Litigation Spending in the Uncertain Economy and Beyond is available now. This is the only report to map out the specific opportunities and the new business development tactics to capture this increased spending.

Here’s how the litigation world is shaping for up 2023:

  • 52% of large clients are increasing their litigation budgets
  • More clients are going to rely on outside counsel
  • Clients are more inclined to use existing counsel than they have in years
  • Rates are headed up in most segments
  • 6 industries spending a ton on litigation — spot them and learn the business development tactics working today

You have only 1 authoritative source to decipher the new market dynamics, seize the opportunity as the economy is on its way to the next normal — The BTI Litigation Outlook 2023.

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Unlike last year, the caseload is growing faster than spending. Clients face more litigation than ever. The demand for litigation planning and strategy along with litigation is at record levels.

  • 52% of clients are increasing their litigation budgets
  • 74% want smaller law firm rosters — and will spend more with them
  • They want firms who are likely to have their team intact for the long-term
  • 42% of clients are hiring law firms without pitches

Learn exactly how clients are hiring law firms in each segment — and how you can win all the new work clients have planned for the coming year.

Opportunity Heat Map

Hot spots by Industry and Litigation Segment

Immediately spot the high-rate opportunities in 8 practices in 18 industries — the most detailed roadmap to opportunity in litigation today. Target your business development budget, plans, and efforts to the absolute best opportunities in the market today. The opportunity map details all the opportunities and pressure points (most rate pressure) for:

  • IP Litigation
  • Class Actions
  • Securities and Finance Litigation
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Employment Litigation
  • Product Liability Litigation
  • Cybersecurity Litigation
  • Bet-the-Company Litigation

Some Firms Have Unintentionally
Been Rebranded

55 law firms out of the 650 law firms serving large companies improved their performance.

They improved their standing at another firm’s expense.

Learn exactly how clients rank law firms in 10 key segments — and see how your firm and your competitors changed.

The BTI Fearsome Foursome

Threats and needs change with every step to the next normal. Clients not only assess the nature of the case — but who is making the
argument on the other side. These are the firms striking the utmost fear into the hearts of seasoned general counsel and legal decision
makers. The BTI Fearsome Foursome are the firms clients tell us they least want to see on the other side of the table in litigation because
they are relentless, cunning, aggressive, very smart, and play to win — and win big.

Please join me in congratulating the BTI Fearsome Foursome of 2023 for their
intense approach and fierce tactics in today’s ever evolving, complex and dynamic litigation market.

Jones Day

Kirkland & Ellis

Quinn Emanuel


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The BTI Litigation Outlook 2023: Litigation Spending in the Uncertain Economy and Beyond is based solely on in-depth telephone interviews with leading legal decision makers. This comprehensive analysis
trends data from more than 350 interviews conducted throughout the pandemic.

This research is independent and unbiased — no law firm or organization other than BTI sponsors this study.

Each year, BTI reaches out to a strategically designed group of top legal decision makers at large organizations with $1 billion or more in revenue. We target the decision makers in the industries who spend the most on legal affairs as well as thought leaders and innovative Chief Legal Officers. Our survey also includes Chief Legal Operating Officers and business executives who hire and influence the selection and hiring of law firms.

Participants are granted confidentiality at the individual and organizational level.

Executive Summary

The BTI Litigation Outlook 2023: Litigation Spending in the Uncertain Economy and Beyond is chock full of insight, unavailable anywhere else.

It guides you through this new and frenzied market — and beyond. Discover exactly where to invest and target resources with precision, and see the 208 firms leading the litigation market.

For a more in-depth look at the BTI Litigation Outlook 2023, download a complimentary copy of the executive summary or reach out to BTI Consulting with any questions.