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BTI M&A Outlook 2022:
A Whole New World of M&A

M&A activity is about to set a record — 71% of large corporations will be pursuing acquisitions by October 30, 2021. This is the largest number of acquisitive companies to come along in 30 years.

And that’s just the beginning:

  • Values are headed up — some deal categories by 19%
  • Clients are pursuing more mega deals
  • Top decision makers expect a surge in smaller private deals
  • Large and public deals will see increased activity
  • Private deals will generate record activity and fees
  • 5 industries will be especially robust in almost all deal size groups

You have only one source to map out the opportunities:
BTI M&A Outlook 2022: A Whole New World of M&A

Get there first and learn exactly how clients are picking their M&A firms, dealing with all the firms getting into this market, and the industries where the action is.

  • 41% of clients are re-evaluating their law firm panels
  • Clients rely on a panel of 8 law firms for M&A
  • Almost 1/3 of these clients are new in their role — and bring prior relationships
    with them
  • Clients are bombarded by firms trying to get into the large deal market in a
    bigger way
  • They are openly worried about law firms’ capacity for deals

Deal Heat Map

Hot spots by Industry and Deal Size

BTI details the M&A hot spots — pinpointing industries with heightened deal activity in 8 deal segments and 22 industries.

Discover exactly where to invest and target resources with precision.

Clients brand 110 firms as the leaders in the following 8 key deal segments:

  • Transformative Deals
  • Mega Deals
  • Difficult Deals
  • Deals Attracting Regulatory Scrutiny
  • Cross-Border Deals
  • Public Deals
  • Private Deals
  • Straightforward Deals

Some Firms Have Unintentionally
Been Rebranded

Total deal value rarely reflects clients’ perception of brand.

More than 600 law firms are competing hard for this M&A business.

The BTI Dauntless Dealmakers

Anything can and will happen. Black swans are no longer anomalies. Clients now routinely think of all the internal and external factors which could even remotely impact a deal. This includes everything from pandemics and natural disasters to hairpin turns in public policy. Not to mention stock market volatility and work from home rules.

Please join me in congratulating these 5 BTI Dauntless Dealmakers — who can handle whatever the world throws at them.

Cravath, Swaine & Moore

Latham & Watkins


Sullivan & Cromwell

Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz

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The BTI M&A Outlook 2022: A Whole New World of M&A is based solely on in-depth telephone interviews with leading legal decision makers. This comprehensive analysis
trends data from more than 325 interviews conducted throughout the pandemic.

This research is independent and unbiased — no law firm or organization other than BTI sponsors this study.

Each year, BTI reaches out to a strategically designed group of top legal decision makers at large organizations with $1 billion or more in revenue. We target the decision makers in the industries who spend the most on legal affairs as well as thought leaders and innovative Chief Legal Officers. Our survey also includes Chief Legal Operating Officers and business executives who hire and influence the selection and hiring of law firms.

Participants are granted confidentiality at the individual and organizational level.

Executive Summary

The BTI M&A Outlook 2022: A Whole New World of M&A is chock full of insight, unavailable anywhere else.

It guides you through this new and frenzied market — and beyond. Discover exactly where to invest and target resources with precision, and see the 110 firms leading the M&A market.

For a more in-depth look at the BTI M&A Outlook 2022, download a complimentary copy of the executive summary or reach out to BTI Consulting with any questions.