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President & Founder

Michael B. Rynowecer

a.k.a. The Mad Clientist

“People who make things happen make superior relationships first. Relationships are the power source, if not the very soul, of doing good business – the kind of business where clients smile, throw business at you and believe your value simply dwarfs your fee.”

As President and Founder of The BTI Consulting Group and for more than 30 years, Michael has driven strategic growth and helped organizations dramatically enhance their performance by looking at every angle of the professional services relationship, starting with the client perspective. He has directed, conducted and analyzed over 20,000 one-on-one interviews with C-level executives to define their expectations, needs, priorities, preferences, hiring decisions and opinions of the professionals with whom they work. This level of research has established BTI as the industry leader in conducting independent research on how clients acquire, manage, and evaluate their professional services providers.

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Meet Our Team

Joyce Miccile
Executive Client Feedback Programs

Joy Harnois
Client Services

Jennifer Marcus
Marketing Operations

Ben Hirschman
Senior Strategic Analyst

Alex Aird
Executive Interviewer

Alecia Ferretti
Executive Assistant