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Proof Positive. It is getting harder to improve performance. Clients are being more selective in who they want to hire — and want evidence beyond the number of cases tried to verdict. Only 58 firms managed to move up market — down from 70 just 2 years ago.

The upmarket firms increased their status as clients’ first choice and preferred provider — as we delineate in 8 major litigation segments in the brand-new report BTI Litigation Outlook 2024.

These 58 firms are investing more to outpace clients’ rapidly changing needs. They talk to clients, provide early assessments, and help plan for what’s next. They share their knowledge and insight about new and novel claims they see. They shower their clients with knowledge and strategies.

Please join me in congratulating the following firms on the ability to move up as clients raise the bar:

Moving up market is a strategic performance metric. You are improving your market presence faster than clients are changing their expectations. The upmarket litigation firms are well positioned to capture growth in the 4th quarter and 2024.

Discover the details on all corporate counsel law firm preferences — by name — and learn who stands out in each of key 8 litigation segments — and why in the just released BTI Litigation Outlook 2024.

You can use the BTI Litigation Outlook 2024 to map out exactly where the litigation spending is and isn’t — enabling you to target your business development efforts to the best and most robust opportunities.

Best in the market ahead –


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