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The Mad Clientist

Top Growth Practices and Industries for 2024

Client spending remains resilient — fueled by new needs and lingering issues, more companies than ever are pursuing innovative business models and adopting digital processes. Combine this with strong regulatory headwinds, employee activism, and the emergence of Generative AI — and 56% of clients plan to increase legal spending —…
Michael Rynowecer
January 24, 2024
The Mad Clientist

Top Mad Clientist Posts of 2023

Client ranking of law firms, BD hacks, and client service topped the most popular Mad Clientist posts of 2023. Use these to drive growth, retain clients, and improve the culture. Each post still offers new insights and strategies. Here are the top posts of 2023 in 2 groupings: Ranking and…
Michael Rynowecer
January 10, 2024