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Q4 is one of the best times of the year to develop business.

Clients zero in on their mission-critical tasks. Their focus is to get them done. This focus consumes any time for issuing RFPs or big pitches. Corporate counsel want to make it happen before year-end creating a perfect storm for business development with no competition.

Here are 9 hacks to take advantage of this once-a-year opportunity:

    1. Learn your client’s mission critical needs to complete this year — and help them make it happen. The only way to learn is by asking.
    2. Review your client’s goals for longstanding matters to see how they have changed.
    3. Ask what updates and information your client needs as year-end approaches. Be ready to offer insights and suggestions based on what other clients are seeking.
    4. Find out if competitors are engaging in spinoffs, acquisitions, restructurings, or are the subject of regulatory investigations — share the impact and ask if your client senses any risk on the horizon.
    5. Define what your client will absolutely need to accomplish in the 1st quarter of next year.
    6. Craft a list of top ideas about their workloads and matters — share it for comment and discussion.
    7. Ask what changes they expect in 2024.
    8. Talk about how they are using Generative AI and share your experience and plans.
    9. Offer up a workshop or CLE for the first half of next year — preferably tied to your client’s feedback from the questions above.

Use any of these tactics to maintain and initiate an ongoing dialogue for the remainder of the year and into 2024 — and forge deeper connections with your clients.

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The 4th quarter reminds everyone that the deadline for year-end is just around the corner. There is nothing like a deadline to create urgency, the need for resources, and success. Be the first to reach out to your best clients.

Best in the market ahead –

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