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The attorneys delivering the ABSOLUTE BEST CLIENT SERVICE -

This is the hardest – and most meaningful – ranking and recognition in the world. No one gets on this list unless a top legal decision maker recognizes them, without prompt or suggestion, along with a good reason why. No law firm or attorney can pay, influence, or refer themselves in. Attorneys only get on this list by outperforming everyone else.

Once a BTI Client Service All-Star – always an All-Star. 30 years of BTI Client Service All-Star research shows these attorneys always deliver more.

Read about each BTI Client Service All-Star here and learn what their clients say and their own client philosophy, including:

Lizanne Thomas’s Client Philosophy
“My client philosophy is grounded in practicality – give advice that is actionable, that offers insights adjacent to the central topic, and remember that a client may not always ask what she really needs to know. Pay as much attention to the client relationship as to the task…”

Fredrick H.L. McClure’s Client Philosophy
“I work hard to root every client relationship in trust. I want my clients to trust my judgment; trust that I will always give them my candid advice – even when it means telling them something they don’t want to hear…”

W. Benjamin Barkley’s Client Philosophy
“I approach clients by listening carefully and digging down to understand what their business objectives are so that we can craft the most effective legal solution to help them achieve those objectives.”

Suzanne K. Hanselman’s Client Philosophy
“I strive to be responsive, proactive and deliver excellent work product and legal advice, but beyond that I want to be considered a trusted partner. I make a client’s issues my priority, try to make their job (and life) easier…”

Click here to see all BTI Client Service All-Star Client Philosophies.

BTI conducts the longest-running independent study to find and celebrate the attorneys top legal decision-makers say deliver the absolute best client service. The attorneys who deliver the best client service are described by the most demanding clients as:

  • Savvy
  • Fully invested and more
  • Practical
  • Always finding a way to get things done no matter the obstacles
  • One step ahead
  • Possessing a deep working understanding of our business and culture
  • Knowing us better than we know ourselves
  • And so much more

More than 16,000 top legal decision makers rely on BTI
to select and hire counsel

For more than 20 years, these same legal executives have relied on BTI’s research when hiring for their most substantial work, evaluating RFPs, checking on their current firms, and even convincing management they hire nothing but the best.

What top legal decision makers say about The BTI Client Service All-Stars:

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