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From our 20,000 client interviews, we’ve learned exactly how clients define client service and delineate their expectations. We help you evaluate where you stand—so you can be ahead of the game.


of legal decision-makers have replaced one of their primary law firms in the last 18 months.

The reason? Client service.

BTI Client Service Excellence Programs for Your Entire Firm

Clients rate their law firms at 8.6 out of 10 for client service—not enough to get new business, or premium rates. Client service is the most powerful differentiator and gives you a license to develop business. The firms delivering the absolute best client service rely on clearly stated standards, measure performance, and are relentless in improving—no matter how good they are. And the best part?

Client service excellence is a core element of any successful business development strategy. Strategically savvy firms define client service performance at the highest levels and drive this performance through training, metrics, and constant reinforcement through firm messaging. These tools create billable hours and new business almost immediately, as clients reframe their relationships built on client service.

Develop client service standards

Develop metrics and key performance indicators

Learn and adopt training in client service standards

Learn and adopt training in metrics and key performance indicators

Learn how to benchmark performance through client feedback

Develop clear, unequivocal messaging for internal use to drive superior performance

Do you think of your clients first?

The more you understand your clients, the more relevant your work will be for them. The best-run firms in the world adopt client service excellence standards within a set of client services initiatives to drive growth, establish themselves as leaders, and to strategically define client service performance at the highest levels.

A well-executed program propels substantial market share gains, revenue growth, improved margins, higher client retention and new, large-scale client relationships.