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Client rankings and client insights top the most popular Mad Clientist posts of 2022. Use these to add new strategies and tactics — and frame your approach for the year ahead.

Each post still offers new insights and strategies. Here are the top posts of 2022 — in 2 groupings:

In the rankings category:
Just In: Clients Single Out 30 Law Firms Delivering the Best Client Service

Clients and law firms are eager to learn the firms best at client service — by name — and why. A sister post to 59 Law Firms Improve Client Service More Than All Others, this post draws from the BTI Client Service A-Team 2022: Survey of Law Firm Client Service Performance.

Clients Single Out 565 Attorneys Absolutely Best at Client Service

Clients are especially eager to learn who their peers believe delivers the absolute best client service — The BTI Client Service All-Stars. They are not just interested in who they are — but their client service philosophies.

The 46 Most Feared Firms in Litigation

Clients and the entire legal community from all over the world want to know which law firms are recognized by clients as the most fearsome litigators. A core part of The BTI Litigation Outlook 2023 report.

Associates Name 147 Law Firms Best at Cultivating Job Satisfaction — And Why

As the value and turnover rate for Associates soared clients, law firms, and legal service providers want to learn about the firms serving as home to the associates with the highest job satisfaction. They also wanted to discover why. All this — and more — is part of The BTI Associate A-Listers report.

59 Law Firms Improve Client Service More Than All Others

A key feature of BTI Client Service A-Team 2022: Survey of Law Firm Client Service Performance, clients and law firms alike want to know which firms upped their game the most — by name — and why.

In the client insights categories:
Your 15-Minute Business Development Hack

Enjoy more business and new matters with this 15-minute exercise proven to engage clients — even for the most reticent partners. Posted in December, it quickly became one of the most popular posts of the year.

10 Hottest Industries for New Business This Year

Your knowledge of industry nuance and practices is valued above almost all else. Law firms use this guide to hone their business development strategies for both existing and new clients. This research is from The BTI Practice Outlook report.

5 Client Facing Facts I Want to Shout from the Rooftops

Clients are seeing big changes in law firms — which isn’t always a good thing. Their relationship partner left the firm and suddenly there is a void, they saw new people appear in substantive roles on their work without introduction, and clients new to their role never met their relationship partner. These things happen quietly and are easily missed.

Clients Tell Us They Use Top Legal Directories in 11 Important Situations — Find Out How and Why

Clients use directories, they have a place and a role. This is a hot topic in every law firm.

5 Things Your Clients Want from You Now

We continually track client thinking and expectations. Use the 5 core expectations to generate business, build stronger client bonds, and earn new business.

Look for innovative business development approaches to have even more impact. And stay tuned for new rankings based on the latest behaviors clients are looking for in their law firms.

Thank you all for the tremendous support throughout the year — and all the best for the new year.

The Mad Clientist

Join me as I discuss client spending on outside counsel, client service, and the best new opportunities for your firm in 2023 in our 14th annual BTI’s Market Outlook and Client Service Review 2023 Webinar. Just a few spots left!


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