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147 law firms have a leg up on associate retention.

These 147 law firms (of the 650 trying to recruit them) are doing the best job of cultivating the highest levels of satisfaction. BTI’s brand new research reveals 8 key attributes driving superior associate satisfaction — and retention. These include:

  • Commitment to helping associates in their career
  • Specific action to help develop a career path
  • Access to the training they need
  • Good mentoring
  • Optimism about growing within their firm
  • High levels of job satisfaction
  • Being well paid
  • Having at least one partner watching out for them

147 stand out as sporting more associates with the highest and most robust job satisfaction. We received more than 4,000 responses.

Out of the 147, 122 law firms stand out for cultivating the highest job satisfaction among women associates. We will be featuring these firms next week. We rank and analyze the firms in our just-released report BTI Associate Satisfaction A-Listers 2022: BTI Survey of Law Firms Where Associates are Happiest.

Please join me in congratulating the following firms ranked as best in the following 2 activities for all associates (men and women as a group). We will be celebrating the Best of the Best in the remaining 6 activities over the next few days here at The MAD Clientist.

Commitment to helping them in their career. These law firms are best at actively helping associates develop their careers:

Another 65 firms are nipping closely at their heels as Leaders and Distinguished firms. This makes a total of 76 firms who stand out in this all-important attribute.

Having at least one partner invested in an individual associate’s success. This goes way beyond mentoring — it’s more like a sherpa. The following 12 firms are the Best of the Best:

Another 18 firms are close behind as Leaders in this most scarce and valued attribute. This investment alone incorporates many of the other 8 activities and is especially powerful in driving associate satisfaction and retention. It also helps define growth opportunities within the firm —an attribute we will discuss here at The Mad Clientist in the coming days.

You can learn how associates interpret each of the 8 core activities — and all of the 147 law firms who stand out as best, leaders, and distinguished in each and every one. You also learn more than 24 immediately implementable strategies and tactics to boost not only satisfaction — but retention.

Learn more here in our just released report: BTI Associate Satisfaction A-Listers 2022: BTI Survey of Law Firms Where Associates are Happiest

Best in the market ahead.

The Mad Clientist

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