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The Mad Clientist

Client Service Soared

Client service soared. It didn’t just go up — it soared over the last 12 months. And top legal decision makers also turned client service on its head. Clients are using new criteria to separate the excellent from the merely good. They virtually doubled the number of mission critical and…
March 10, 2021
The Mad Clientist

Clients Unload About Lateral Partners

The largest portion of clients see lateral movement as a disruption to their own operations and a fraction of these will absolutely follow their partners in a lateral move. BTI research shows clients think about laterals in 5 different ways — each with different implications. Broken down by percent, they…
Michael Rynowecer
February 10, 2021
The Mad Clientist

Law Firms Embrace Funky Billing, Go Rogue

Clients are seeing the funkiest and even what they describe as “slippery bills” from their law firms. We are not talking about isolated incidents; fully 38% of clients tell us about slipshod bills—doubling the 19% of last year. Why are clients using such strong language? Judge for yourself:   And then…
The Mad Clientist

22% of GCs Unloved: Out of the Loop

“I’m the last to know and have to drive this thing to close. I don’t get all the facts, and everyone is waiting for me. It’s ass backwards.” VP and GC, Large Telecom Company. The attorney able to show this GC how to change the dynamics and drive the results…
Michael Rynowecer
February 20, 2019