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The training sitting at the top of women associate priority lists includes time management, advanced business development (closing business once they have a deep relationship on which to build), and lead generation strategies. This is different from men who want training in how to manage relationships with partners. The most common attribute is both groups are looking for training in soft skills.

Women point to 101 firms as better than all others in providing this training. Please join me in congratulating the following 11 firms as standing out as Best of the Best:

Another 23 firms standout as Leaders, offering substantially more than other firms. 67 law firms standout as Distinguished — all of whom lead the pack.

We list the associate ranking for all 101 firms in our newly released report BTI Associate Satisfaction A-Listers 2022: BTI Survey of Law Firms Where Associates are Happiest.

You can also learn the 14 areas where associates most want training — and the training women associates want, which differs from men. Please join me in congratulating the 101 firms associates names as better than all others.

Best in the market ahead.

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