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Discover the elite in litigation — the law firms who strike the most fear into their competitors. Recently, interest in the BTI Fearsome Foursome has surged, reflecting a growing recognition of their prowess. Learn innovative strategies to justify and implement rate increases in today’s competitive legal landscape, where client expectations are higher than ever.

See the attorneys named best in client service — exclusively identified based on unprompted client recommendations, setting the gold standard for client satisfaction. And, delve into our top posts of 2024 (so far) for actionable strategies to drive growth, retain clients, and cultivate a resilient organizational culture.

Celebrating the Most Feared in Litigation

For nearly 15 years, top legal decision makers have singled out the law firms they don’t want to see on the other side of the table in litigation.

And these days, the most feared law firms in litigation have been on the upswing — as we’ve seen increasing traffic to the BTI Fearsome Foursome over the past two years.

Clients and competitors alike are searching for the best — to try to hire them — or to try to beat them. How the numbers break down:

Top Posts of 2024 So Far

Client’s naming the best of client service, brand new law firm rankings, business development’s evolution, what your prospects want, and practice highlights top the most popular Mad Clientist posts of the first half of 2024. Use these to drive growth, retain clients, and improve the culture.

Each post still offers new insights and strategies. Here are the top posts of 2024 so far:

5 Ways to Increase Your Rates — No Matter What They are Now

Imagine paying exorbitant hourly rates for legal advice and receiving exactly what you expect — no surprises, no breakthroughs, no game-changing insights.

Now imagine this again in a world where 70% of clients want new and breakout ideas to help them. These rates becomes even more mundane.

The BTI Consulting Group’s 2024 Client Service All-Stars aren’t just attorneys; they are the unexpected navigators in uncharted waters. They are singled out for defying the mundane with five distinct qualities redefining client service.

5 reasons stand out as justifying the highest rates:

Clients Single Out 296 Attorneys from 148 Firms for The Best Client Service

Only clients can pinpoint the attorneys who are best-of-the-best at client service. We asked them to pinpoint these individuals by name — these are The BTI Client Service All-Stars. This research, the report, and the online directory serve as the gold standard to uncover the best. Used by law firms and corporate counsel alike — it remains the pinnacle of client service performance.

The Only Purely Organic Ranking

The only way to be included in The BTI Client Service All-Stars is through an unprompted, unequivocal recommendation from corporate counsel. No law firm or attorney can submit a name or pay to be included. No firm can nominate an attorney or submit corporate counsel names to be interviewed. The 2024 BTI Client Service All-Stars are identified solely and exclusively by clients.

Clients single out 296 attorneys from 148 law firms. Among these attorneys:

Best in the market ahead.


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