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Imagine paying exorbitant hourly rates for legal advice and receiving exactly what you expect — no surprises, no breakthroughs, no game-changing insights.

Now imagine this again in a world where 70% of clients want new and breakout ideas to help them. These rates becomes even more mundane.

The BTI Consulting Group’s 2024 Client Service All-Stars aren’t just attorneys; they are the unexpected navigators in uncharted waters. They are singled out for defying the mundane with five distinct qualities redefining client service.

5 reasons stand out as justifying the highest rates — and why the best client service is born from the willingness to disrupt, innovate, and lead with audacity.

New Ideas

Complex, new and novel issues dominate the corporate counsel landscape. They deal with digital transformation, building new supply chains, fighting regulatory headwinds, activist labor forces using new tactics, and geopolitical risk. Clients want ideas on how to advise their management teams. Some see it as a pivotal career stepping stone. Good ideas are prized.


Clients value people who bring a deep understanding of their issues along with the potential answers. BTI Client Service All-Stars draw on their experience, observations, and intuition to help clients work through these challenges. They help clients better understand how to get the best outcomes — and help their clients succeed as individuals.

First to Know

Being first to know offers clients the opportunity to brief their management, be proactive, and often gain an advantage. This is especially true as the rate of change in the world — never mind law — is happening at a record pace. These clients believe they are the first to know what they need to know and have come to rely on their BTI Client Service All-Star to be ahead of the pack.


Clear concise recommendations drive results. Even when clients disagree they are quick to point out how these recommendations help their thinking — and drive a better decision. Unequivocal recommendations drive creativity and are foundational to developing alternative views. These new viewpoints can be pivotal in solving new and novel problems.

Looking Ahead

The newly accelerated rate of change demands clients keep a keen eye on the future. BTI Client Service All-Stars are looking further into the future. They’re sorting out what their clients need to worry about and separating it from the noise. And — they make sure clients know how these future issues might impact them — with ideas on what to do.

The 2024 BTI Client Service All-Stars are redefining what it means to deliver exceptional client service. Powerful and valuable, all can learn these behaviors — and increase rates.

Please join me in congratulating each of the 296 BTI Client Service All-Stars 2024 here.

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Best in the market ahead.


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