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So many attorneys see the deluge of changing regulations and new client needs as a head wind — slowing them down — the BTI Client Service All-Stars see these events as a tail wind. Another chance to move out in front.

Top legal decision makers point to these 5 traits driving the BTI Client Service All-Star performance:

1. Solutions Instead of Scope

Skilled at anticipating needs, BTI Client Service All-Stars put together teams and resources to meet a multitude of client needs — without ever being asked. They offer these solutions as options to clients while laying out how these resources fit into client needs.

Clients tell us this approach streamlines outside counsel management and gets more work done — and they don’t have to listen to a pitch or read a proposal.

2. Simplifies

Clients love emailed recommendations they can forward to their bosses in the C-Suite and Business Units. These are short, clear, and contain minimal legalese. Clients are able to be responsive to their bosses and learn at the same time.

3. Practical

It’s all about immediate impact — clients are inundated with questions about the consequences of regulatory changes, workforce issues, trade issues, and a host of related topics. The BTI Client Service All-Stars avoid theory and stick to step-by-step actions with a focus on the here and now.

4. Situational Responsiveness

Any regulatory change — especially those impacting revenue, workforce, and technology — can result in a call from the C-Suite. Clients have short windows to respond — and BTI Client Service All-Stars find ways to meet the urgency — bringing in other firm resources whenever needed. These clients are confident the answers they need will arrive when needed.

5. Bringing the Best

Pandemic era capacity constraints and law firm ghosting left clients concerned about who is performing their work. Not true with the BTI Client Service All-Stars in charge — each one takes the time to explain who and why an attorney is working on their matters — and ensures clients learn all this before the invoice arrives.

The 2023 BTI Client Service All-Stars make their clients better at what they do — and answer questions before they ask. Their secret:

    • Always be in dialogue
    • Listen for issues and needs
    • Reframe client issues to come up with new ideas
    • Focus on today and the long term
    • Act

Powerful and valuable, all can learn these behaviors if they haven’t already. It’s worth its weight in client relationships and new business in gold.

Please join me in congratulating each of the 293 BTI Client Service All-Stars 2023.

Scan the names of these client service standouts or search for your favorite All-Star here.

Best in the market ahead –

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