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The Mad Clientist

8 Reads for Your Summer Book List

At some point in the summer, it’s time to sit down with a good book. You may have started last July 4th weekend or this week. Maybe you are planning ahead. I share the following 8 recommendations for the summer and beyond: Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art…
July 7, 2021
The Mad Clientist

The 5 Ways Clients Measure Law Firm Performance Now

Clients still measure their law firms' performance. Workloads are surging and workforces are heading back. And corporate counsel are looking at how their law firms are delivering for them more closely than ever. The newest phase of the next normal only heightened your client’s need to measure performance. Corporate counsel…
Michael Rynowecer
June 16, 2021
The Mad Clientist

The 3 Most Awkward Moments of Your Zoom Pitch

Clients are surprisingly understanding of kids, dogs, cats, stray family members making unexpected cameos, and a whole range of other intrusions. They understand it’s part life — inevitable. It’s the personal behaviors and actions making things awkward. We all have our own Zoom habits but 3 stand out to clients…
Michael Rynowecer
April 28, 2021