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Clients are surprisingly understanding of kids, dogs, cats, stray family members making unexpected cameos, and a whole range of other intrusions. They understand it’s part life — inevitable. It’s the personal behaviors and actions making things awkward.

We all have our own Zoom habits but 3 stand out to clients as the most awkward and often what they say are truly revealing moments. These habits in order of awkwardness are:

1. Post-Closing

Lasting a mere 4 to 20 seconds or so — this is the time between the official meeting end and your log off. Clients report they observe attendees:

    • Triggering their Oculocardiac Reflex — when you rub your face and press your eyes, this action lowers the heart rate and helps induce calm
      • Few people know the medical name — but almost everyone knows this is not the reaction you want to see after any of your meetings
    • Looking a bit flustered as they search for the leave meeting button
    • Rushing to leave the meeting — it seems they can’t get off fast enough

2. Pre-Start

These are the moments prior to the official start of the meeting. Some people will get on and scan or adjust their screens and then say hello or ask who is on the call. Clients note who arrives super early, early, on time, and late.

Which individuals join and when offers clients a glimpse into your coordination and timing. They wonder if the team plans for every eventuality — including how and when you will join a pitch meeting.

Silly right? Not with multimillion-dollar litigation on the line.

3. During the Meeting

The camera highlights every move and action. It’s so easy to look away from the camera, and even easier to glance at your screen and lose focus for a moment. We have to resist the urge to check texts and the email notifications — which your clients likely hear too.

All the rules of listening apply here. Take notes, ask questions, discuss, and always remember the camera is on.

Upping Zoom Savvy

Zoom fatigue is an epidemic. Pitching is not. Get yourself ready for the pitch. We recommend:

    1.  Turn off all devices and email while on your Zoom meeting
    2.  Smile when joining the meeting and start with hello
    3.  Ensure everyone joins at roughly the same time — no early birds or stragglers
    4.  Avoid side activities like eating, checking texts and email, or glances at your 2nd screen
    5.  Smile and look at the camera when signing off
    6.  Practice your pitch and entrance on Zoom
    7.  Practice logging off while still looking at the camera
    8.  Save your oculocardiac reflex for when the camera is off

Zoom is here to stay. Success demands Zoom-specific skills. After more than a year of Zoom experience — clients are becoming connoisseurs. This is another opportunity to stand out in a sea of Zoom pitches and showcase one more way you are prepared on all fronts.

Be safe. Be cautious. Be Zoom savvy.


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