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Some firms manage to impress the living daylights out of their clients. These clients notice and say really nice things. They may not say them in the moment to their attorneys, but they are sure thinking it. Clients have had a lot of time to think about this over the last year or so and shared their thoughts with BTI. You can learn so much from these 14 examples.

Before you dive in, note the mix of smaller, mid-size, and larger firms. The pandemic opened the playing field and firms of every size stepped up. Congratulations to the firms earning high and unprompted praise from the most demanding clients:

Arnold & Porter

“We stay with them because they deliver concepts quickly while remaining insightful and fresh. They will speak their mind and take a stand.”


“They go all in. They put their shoulder to the grindstone. They take the confusion and make it simple and actionable. And they don’t hedge about it.”

Breazeale, Sachse & Wilson

“They are very good at tagging things early and giving us an opportunity to handle them. They raise solutions along with issues.” 

Eversheds Sutherland

“They have been my Sherpas through this crazy journey, and everyone needs a Sherpa.”

Hinckley Allen

“They are our litigation and construction firm. They know construction like nobody’s business. We only use others if they have a conflict, and we can’t use them.”

Jones Day

“They got me in a gentle bear hug almost 23 years ago and never let go. They helped me with my litigation, my career, and my family. They are as relentless in winning my litigation as they are in making me more successful. It’s hard to beat that.”

Latham & Watkins

“They are like watching a great symphony. The partners play together well, everyone knows their role, and they are always in communication no matter where in the world something is happening. They are relentless and get you to where you want to be.


“They are very engaged. They understand our business and our legal requirements. Most importantly, they have the trust of my business partners who might ask for an investigation and know that Maynard knows how to manage it.”

McDermott Will & Emery

“They are laser-focused on the client — it’s almost intangible. They are always all about the client.”


“They take the time and effort to create a relationship. They have been able to help us identify the questions we should be asking and provide actionable, executable advice.”

Morgan Lewis

“They are practical and not at all cookie cutter. They look at each case as an individual matter. Is it something we can knock out or resolve easily with settlement? They work within their budget. It’s significant that they treat each case independently.” 

Payne & Fears

“They do a great job at litigation. They understand facts quickly, get right to the point, and don’t run up fees. They provide solid practical advice.” 

Sheppard Mullin

“They just stepped up and made a litany of practical recommendations. They didn’t wait to be called or asked. They knew exactly how to help me and keep helping me throughout this whole thing.”


“At the end of the day, they are very practical and can get you the answer you need faster than any firm and get any deal done while others are still wondering.”

The common themes are commitment, practicality, teaching, acting before being asked, and helping instead of just providing advice.

If you want more of your clients talking about your firm this way BTI can get you there quickly with our new accelerated programs. Please reach out to discuss.



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