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The Mad Clientist

Alternative Fees Hit a Wall, Hard

The most successful alternative fee arrangements share 5 traits. They are: Clear as a bell Easy to negotiate Happened quickly Characterized by the highest trust levels Show obvious benefit These traits are a lot harder to find as both law firms and corporate counsel navigate their current worlds. As of…
Michael Rynowecer
December 8, 2021
The Mad Clientist

Clients Share Litigation Priorities

Clients have more competing litigation priorities than ever. Employment, IP, and Commercial stand out as client’s top litigation concerns. Workforce related issues keep coming up from employees and regulatory agencies. IP is a top concern for the industries benefiting from the pandemic. IP clients have big cases pending or on…
Michael Rynowecer
November 17, 2021
The Mad Clientist

Clients See Uptick in Virtual Pitching Skills

3 out of 4 clients say law firms’ virtual pitches are getting better. Virtual pitching skills will become increasingly important as 44% of clients intend to rely on virtual law firm pitches long after offices reopen. But clients note some virtual pitches improved more than others. It breaks down like…
Michael Rynowecer
November 10, 2021