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Your LinkedIn firm site shows more insight and personality into your firm than any website can.

Law firm LinkedIn Pages are the new all-encompassing showcase for law firms – anyone can look and listen without risk – and get the snapshot they want.

Here’s why:

  • Your posts, likes, and comments on your posts reveal deeper insights into the firm and its thinking
  • Your activity level is a proxy for how engaging you are when you work with a new client or lateral
  • It also shows what new ideas you might bring

This explains why corporate counsel visits to Law Firm LinkedIn pages outnumber visits to law firms’ websites by just over 2 to 1. The numbers look like this:

  • 83% of clients visit LinkedIn as part of their work routine
    • more than half visit daily
  • 37% of corporate counsel visit an average of 1 law firm website per week – almost all go directly to attorney bios – the remainder visit sporadically
    • 11% visit law firm websites only after visiting the LinkedIn page

Look for the gap to grow and favor LinkedIn law firm pages. It’s time for law firms to go all in.

LinkedIn law firm pages offer one-stop shopping for everything corporate counsel want to know:

  • Legal developments
  • Partner movement
  • Firm news
  • Marquee matters, cases, transactions they worked on – and what the reader can learn from it
  • Follower comments on firm posts including:
    • The content of the comments – are they insightful and provocative
    • Who is making the comments – reflecting the company your firm keeps

And clients are starting to look on LinkedIn before going anywhere else for details such as:

  • Rankings and accolades
  • More detail and context around Pro Bono initiatives
  • New offices
  • Lateral group acquisitions
  • Promotions outside the attorney ranks

Corporate counsel know stunningly little about their law firm – and their appetite to know is rapidly growing. They know the practice their partner delivers and then the specific knowledge base dries up. Clients know the generalities – but not enough specifics to hire them for a new practice.

LinkedIn law firm pages are the latest law firm battleground. As many law firms realize this as don’t – leaving enormous opportunities to boost engagement, lead flow, quality lateral interest, connection to the firm and so much more.

LinkedIn will do more to – and for – your brand than law firms realize.

BTI just finished a 3-year study on law firm LinkedIn performance – we meticulously gathered all the details about the Am Law 200 plus the large international firms. We compared and contrasted all of them along 6 key metrics. Then – we ranked the law firms by size cohort:

Am Law 30+
The 30 largest law firms in the Am Law 200 for 2022 plus 5 large international law firms

Am Law Mid One Hundred
The law firms ranked 31 to 100 in the Am Law 200 for 2022

Am Law 2nd 100
The law firms ranked 101 to 200 in the Am Law 200 for 2022

The results reveal a wide spectrum of performance and investment. You can access a press-quarantined version or learn more here. I will be writing more about the results in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

Best in the market ahead –

The Mad Clientist

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