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However busy you are. No matter what your plans. Take a few minutes, listen, and smile. 

Written and composed by the late Dave Frishberg as a tribute to his friend’s 25th anniversary as a law firm partner, My Attorney Bernie is a must for anyone in the legal community. You can listen to the original version here — the video quality isn’t perfect as it dates back to the Johnny Carson show — but it’s worth it.


And while you are at it, check out these 2 tunes from George Harrison. He memorialized some of his legal dealings with a few angles you might not expect: 

Sue Me, Sue You Blues

A small slice of insight into George Harrison’s experience while the Beatles were breaking up. 

This Song

Another George Harrison tune, in response to losing a copyright infringement suit for plagiarizing The Chiffons’ 1963 hit single ‘He’s So Fine’ during the creation of his song ‘My Sweet Lord’. You have to watch the video to fully appreciate his point of view.

And finally, no playlist about lawyers would be complete without:

Lawyers, Guns and Money 

Warren Zevon’s song is rumored to be inspired by a true story of Mr. Zevon and his manager in Havana, Cuba. He needs Lawyers, Guns, and Money to get him out of some trouble with a lady.

The songs are fun and quick. Please share your recommendations for listening with me.

Enjoy –

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