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Complex and high stakes matters are the sweet spots. This is where the money is headed. Clients are hiring law firms offering:

  • Early assessment no matter how few facts are known
  • An aggressive defense while simultaneously pursuing a settlement
  • Insights about how other companies in the client’s industry handle similar matters
  • Legal project management skills
  • Certainty in knowing who will be doing the work
  • Skills in anticipating what will come next or arise out of an existing matter

Clients are clear as to which firms surfaced to the top and identify the firms best suited to meet their litigation needs in 7 key areas.

Congratulations to these firms for this impressive performance — singled out by clients with no prompts or suggested names.

Class Actions: The BTI Powerhouse and Leader Firms

Class actions are getting bigger and more complex. Clients are spending more.

Complex Commercial Litigation: The BTI Powerhouse and Leader Firms

Business is getting more complex with more complicated agreements and commercial transactions. Agreements are also worth a lot more money now.

Cybersecurity/Data Privacy Litigation: The BTI Powerhouse and Leader Firms

Hyper growth in data breaches and public awareness are driving data privacy litigation. Proportionately more breaches are resulting in mitigation than just 3 years ago.

Complex Employment Litigation: The BTI Powerhouse and Leader Firms

A blizzard of new regulations combined with one of the most demanding workforces in decades is driving this market.

IP Litigation: The BTI Powerhouse and Leader Firms

Growth in IP Litigation continues. Research reveals 6 primary reasons.

Product Liability Litigation: The BTI Powerhouse and Leader Firms

New products and record product recall levels drive growth.

Securities and Finance Litigation: The BTI Powerhouse and Leader Firms

An aggressive SEC and DOJ is setting the tone for Securities Litigation. Activist investors are emboldened while those companies subject to agency actions are more willing to sue.

Discover the details on all client law firm preferences — by name — and learn who stands out in each of 9 key litigation segments — and why. All in the just released BTI Litigation Outlook 2024.

You can use the BTI Litigation Outlook 2024 to map out exactly where the litigation spending is and isn’t — enabling you to target your business development efforts to the best and most robust opportunities.

You can learn exactly what these clients want in this report — by practice and industry — to go win the work. Join the more than 100 law firms using BTI Litigation Outlook 2024: Navigating Litigation Spending in the New Unpredictable World to their immediate advantage, available now.

Best in the market ahead –

The Mad Clientist

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