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John Quinn is the founder and chairman of Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, the largest litigation-only law firm in the world — and the most feared. BTI research shows corporate counsel point to Quinn Emanuel as the law firm they most want to avoid in litigation.

I sat down with John to discuss how to become fearsome, what it means, and how he thinks about clients. You will see lessons for trial attorneys, litigators, everyone practicing law, legal marketers, and a host of others.

He shared the following 7 insights:

  1. Being fearsome isn’t about being aggressive — it’s about being respected and having the ability to win
  2. Sharing ideas with colleagues and clients is essential to being feared — and successful — make it part of your work routine and culture
  3. Adaptability and flexibility are essential elements
  4. New and innovative approaches are the lifeblood of being feared
  5. The path to victory is rarely straightforward
  6. Don’t be afraid to the challenge the status quo
  7. Never give up on your clients

You can get all the details and nuance from the interview clips below:

The secrets Behind Becoming Fearsome — and How You Can Adopt the Same Approach

He gets opinions from his partners, colleagues, clients, and other smart people and builds on each idea. This process is part of the Quinn Emanuel culture. Learn more in this 3 ½ minute clip:

When and How He Learned Quinn Emanuel was Fearsome — and What It Means

John first learned about being Fearsome from the BTI Litigation Outlook. Learn more in this short clip:

What It Means to be Fearsome at Trial and In Client Work

He indicates you want to think through the path to victory — and understand the difference between being aggressive and being feared. Learn more in this 2 ½ minute video:

You can watch the entire video here.

These insights and ideas show the power of sharing ideas and working together to push your ideas further — and get better results. This approach works in all aspects of law, legal marketing, and many in life.

Thank you @John Quinn for sharing your thoughts and insights. I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did.

Best in the market ahead –


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