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GCs are highly satisfied in their jobs.

7 months into the Pandemic alongside the most contentious election anyone can remember — yet, 42% of GCs are satisfied in their jobs. But this finding masks a much more important insight. Our research reveals 58% of women GCs are highly satisfied compared to 36% for men.

Here’s what women GCs who rate job satisfaction highest have to say:

— They are more optimistic about their future

— The pandemic is a showcase to display their leadership skills

— Peers and direct reports are turning to these GCs for counsel and advice on how to handle the work and family stress

— More “face” time with top management looking for substantive counsel, even if the face time may be over Zoom

And they shared these comments:

I have spent more time with top management in the last 6 months than I have in the last 6 years, I feel like finally I’m sitting at the adult table.” GC, Medical Device Company

Our team has developed a pattern of briefing company leadership, and we figured out how to talk about and get ready for the future.” GC, Growing Tech Company

I am working a lot more, but I am suddenly immersed in all kinds of COVID and non-COVID issues.” EVP, Legal, Large Energy Organization

I’ve been able to bring my team closer together and we are coming up with new ideas and plans for whatever comes next and management is eager to hear what we have to say.” Top Legal Officer, Leading Financial Service Company

Things flip when looking at the 50% of top legal decision makers who are somewhat satisfied: 57% of men compared to 33% for women. Men report current challenges are intellectually rewarding but are concerned their loss of in-person face time will hurt their careers.

Only 8% of top legal officers are less than satisfied in their roles.

You now have a bird’s eye view of the dynamics behind the highly satisfied GCs. Use it to help your clients get even more out of their jobs. You can help your clients prepare for top management meetings, develop strategies, help define the next set of issues they will face, and provide moral support. These clients are proud of their teams and you can make yourself part of the lineup. You may find yourself with higher job satisfaction yourself.

Be well. Be safe. Be cautious.


The MAD Clientist

(This research is based on more than 300 interviews with top legal decision makers conducted between April 2020 and October 15, 2020)

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