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3 out of 4 clients say law firms’ virtual pitches are getting better. Virtual pitching skills will become increasingly important as 44% of clients intend to rely on virtual law firm pitches long after offices reopen.

But clients note some virtual pitches improved more than others. It breaks down like this:

    • 6% indicate the pitches are vastly better
    • 38% characterize these pitches as improved
    • 31% see marginal improvement

Of the many things the pandemic will mark, it will include an update of the pitch deck and approach as we knew it. They will grow shorter and more dynamic. Attorney teams will be more cohesive when presenting and they will have a more polished look — adding gravitas and credibility. Clients tell us this is a proxy for how you might approach the matter-at-hand.

The 6% of firms boasting vastly better virtual pitches have already changed their approach. A few of the more impactful changes clients note include:

    • More streamlined pitches — shorter and more direct
    • Less text-heavy — requires less reading and offers the opportunity to be more engaged in the conversation
    • Attorneys are more comfortable pitching in a virtual environment
    • Teams are more organized than they were (all are logged in when the potential client logs in)
    • More engaging — discuss a few trends or new developments

Clients have less patience than ever for a pitch. Short, direct, and engaging pitches beat other approaches.

Top legal decision makers also tell us they not only noticed — but were impressed — by the firms with identical backgrounds with firm logos and all. Seems silly — but uniformity in look suggests a more unified team.

The lessons learned here can you help you win some of the upcoming surge in work — which we discuss in detail in the BTI Litigation Outlook 2022 and the BTI M&A Outlook 2022.

Best in the market ahead.

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