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Unpredictable replaced uncertain. Unexpected litigation is rampant. Novel and complex claims are driving a new stream of litigation. All this creates a host of new business development opportunities.

And this is the tip of the iceberg. Our brand new research with more than 280 corporate counsel reveals the key trends underpinning another year of litigation growth. The top 8 are:

  1. Litigation spending on outside counsel is growing again in 2024 for the 4th year
  2. The caseload is growing for the 4th year in a row — but spending is growing faster
  3. 87% of clients plan to increase or hold spending steady in 2024
  4. 6 segments within 8 industries are especially robust
  5. Complex and high-stakes matters see the biggest growth in cases
  6. Client interest in settling surges — but without sacrificing aggressive defense
  7. Clients are no longer searching far and wide for the perfect law firms
  8. Clients are more open to hiring new law firms than they have been in years

Clients are spending their way through the unpredictable — and are ready to meet whatever the world throws at them with robust and increased budgets.

Only the BTI Litigation Outlook 2024 maps out exactly where the spending is and isn’t — enabling you to target your business development efforts to the best and most robust opportunities.

Clients Share Law Firm Preferences and Powerhouses for Litigation — By Name  

Learn the law firms clients think are best positioned to get the new work — by name and litigation segment — and the most feared law firms.

Discover the new business development tactics working in the uncertain economy and how clients are spending their litigation dollars in 2024 for 8 segments and 18 industries.

The Most Overlooked Market in Years

Too many law firms are convinced 2024 will be a bust. They will lose out to the firms seizing the opportunity. Learn exactly where clients are spending and who they are likely to spend it with.

Order your copy of the BTI Litigation Outlook 2024: Navigating Litigation Spending in the New Unpredictable World here.

More than half of clients are increasing their litigation budgets despite what the pundits say about next year. Learn where and how they will spend it. Order today.

Best in the market ahead –

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