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Aggressive, perplexing, previously unseen, and occasionally bizarre — these are the words clients use to describe litigation.

And who better to defend, or in some cases, initiate legal action than The Fearsome Foursome? These are the firms striking the deepest fear into the hearts of seasoned general counsel and legal decision makers. The BTI Fearsome Foursome are the firms clients tell us they least want to see on the opposing side of the litigation table. The Fearsome Foursome redefine the rules of engagement, are relentless, cunning, aggressive, very smart, and play to win — and win big.

Only 4 of the 62 law firms clients don’t want to litigate against standout as the most Fearsome.

Congratulations to The BTI Fearsome Foursome of 2024 for their intense approach and fierce tactics in today’s ever-evolving, complex, and dynamic litigation market.

Top legal decision makers point to 62 firms as the opponents they do not want to encounter. The top reasons:

1. Redefine the Rules

Unbound by established definitions and norms — the most feared firms forge new interpretations of long-standing precedents. They challenge convention and establish a new set of rules — to their client’s benefit.

2. Take on What Others Won’t

New and novel matters are increasingly part of the legal landscape and growing faster than ever before. Some firms stop and wonder if they want to take these matters on. The same is true for thorny issues and conflict-adjacent matters. The most feared firms relish the challenge.

3. Very Early Assessments

New litigations have fewer facts than ever as they unfold. But The Fearsome Foursome operate confidently despite limited known facts. They may adapt, adjust, and pivot, but they get out of the gate quickly and ensure they are on the right track. They share their early assessments with their clients — who see this as a valued differentiator.

4. Unrelenting

Unrelenting isn’t a trait — it’s a way of life. Every obstacle is a test. Setbacks exist as opportunities for the Fearsome Foursome to surmount each one.

5. Link Unconnected Ideas

The Fearsome Foursome excel at linking ideas together — even when the connection is far from obvious. They reframe and reposition their thinking, rigorously considering opposing viewpoints. This unconventional thinking leads to breakthroughs and novel thinking — often the antidote for new and novel complex claims.

These 5 behaviors define key aspects of the Fearsome Foursome. Please join me in congratulating the 62 firms and, Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, for being ranked number 1 for the 2nd year in a row.

The BTI Fearsome Foursome 2024

The BTI Feared Opponents 2024

The BTI Awesome Opponents 2024

The BTI Intimidating Opponents 2024

Being fearsome creates more uncertainty for the other side. The BTI Fearsome Foursome law firms make their opponents rethink their strategies, redirect already scarce resources, be extra vigilant and watch what these fearsome firm will do. And this is just the start.

Discover the details on all corporate counsel law firm preferences — by name — and learn who stands out in each of key 8 litigation segments — and why. All in the just released BTI Litigation Outlook 2024.

You can use the BTI Litigation Outlook 2024 to map out exactly where the litigation spending is and isn’t — enabling you to target your business development efforts to the best and most robust opportunities.

Best in the market ahead –

The Mad Clientist

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