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Top legal decision makers point to 6 reasons well beyond super responsiveness and client focus to define the pinnacle of client service — which is exactly where the BTI Client Service All-Stars stand. These 6 reasons are:


BTI Client Service All-Stars are sensible, realistic, appropriate, and immediately helpful. Clients can instantly use their ideas and recommendations. This is especially helpful when management call top legal decision makers for answers and solutions.


BTI Client Service All-Stars know their way around the rules, people, and issues, and always find ways to get things done — and how to avoid what needs to be avoided. The savvy attorneys are skilled in finding exclusions and exit ramps when they exist.

In the Know

BTI Client Service All-Stars are knowledgeable in what’s going on in the industry and other companies — and share insight into the current state-of-the-art in management strategy and law. The high-value knowledge can include everything from office reopening strategies, compliance and new IP strategies, to deal structures, and even trends in budget and staffing in the legal department.

Deals with Complexity

BTI Client Service All-Stars naturally break down problems into their component parts and work through them. Today’s legal world is filled with complexity, complications, and unexpected twists and turns — making things more complicated. The BTI Client Service All-Stars dive in headfirst and provide unequivocal advice and counsel. And — it’s usually practical.


It is one thing to be available — it’s another to want to be available when the need arises. Most attorneys want to make themselves available but wait for the call. The BTI Client Service All-Stars send the message they are always there to answer questions and remind clients along the way — whenever they sense or see something which might cause a need — or just make sure nothing new came up. The All-Stars are always reaching out while being available.


BTI Client Service All-Stars can move quickly and switch gears as circumstances demand. With variants, openings, closings, regulatory scrutiny, and a host of other factors — things can turn quickly. The BTI Client Service All-Stars are at the pivot — and know how to bring their team in if needed.

Clients always gravitate to those who can excel in the face of the unpredictable. Clients know unpredictable events occur with great predictability. The attorneys standing out in this environment will be attracting clients for years to come — as they enjoy the benefits of doing more than the most demanding clients ever ask.

Please join me in congratulating each of the 565 BTI Client Service All-Stars 2022. Scan the names of these client service standouts here or search for your favorite All-Star here.

Best in the market ahead.

The Mad Clientist

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