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New work rules mean new expectations for not just client service — but the best client service. Top legal decision makers once again change what they need as they face the next normal’s new demands. And it all flows from there. Top legal decision makers single out the attorneys who deliver the best client service — The BTI Client Service All-Stars — to be released next week.

These clients also tell us what makes the absolute best attorneys stand out, and the 5 sets of client service activities and behaviors each of these attorneys bring. These include:


BTI Client Service All-Stars are always a part of their client’s life. They are talking, emailing, texting, and chatting. Voice communication is an essential part of this engagement. Engaged clients share more, provide more clues about unknown future needs, and ask for help with issues about career and management. This informal communication and engagement offer BTI Client Service All-Stars highly personal insights into preferences, needs, and priorities — enabling a superior client service performance.


While busy as can be, the BTI Client Service All-Stars make the time to invest in clients. They are studying the business, searching for in-house counsel clients who are currently hiring, reading about their clients, looking for new ideas to share, and finding answers to the next unasked question. This investing — rarely billed — is just as important, if not more so, than billable hours, which arise out of these investments.


They know their way around the rules, people, and issues and always find ways to get things done — quickly and with a certain comfort and ease. They overcome the obstacles and pull together disparate facts. The BTI Client Service All-Stars ferret out the strategies, insights, and tools to make things happen — or sometimes prevent things from happening.


The BTI Client Service All-Stars make their thoughts known. They are clear, concise, and don’t hedge. Clients understand the recommendations and implications. They all share their opinion and provide clear direction — especially in murky waters.


The client service standouts are looking forward and planning for the next steps before clients ever ask. They scan the landscape and think out scenarios, often with their client. Knowledge sharing enables the BTI Client Service All-Stars to incorporate client experience and act with more information than most. This ability to look further ahead enables clients to get to their goals faster, and often with less effort. And besides, clients enjoy thinking things through with their trusted counsel.

The behaviors driving superior client service fuel ongoing superior performance. All the activities lead you down a path of gaining access to the crucial unspoken insights and questions clients rarely ask. The BTI Client Service All-Stars make time for these questions and conversations. It’s part of their normal routine and process. And then it becomes a way of life. There is no reason you can’t start down this path today.

Stay tuned. We will be releasing the full list of the attorneys clients single out for delivering the absolute best client service — The BTI Client Service All-Stars — next week. Don’t miss it.

Be well. Be safe. Be cautious.


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