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The Mad Clientist

Corporate Counsel Shift $5.8 Billion In-House

Unlike Ben Bernanke, corporate legal departments are taking dollars out of the system. Corporate counsel shifted $5.8 billion from their outside counsel budget to internal spending—the equivalent of keeping 2 Latham & Watkins’ in-house. The shift drives a paltry projected 2013 growth of 1.8% in outside counsel spending instead of…
Michael Rynowecer
June 20, 2013
The Mad Clientist

Clients Isolate 9 Core Brand Factors

BTI research with more than 13,000 C-level executives isolates 9 core branding factors impacting differentiation and hirability. These factors fit into 3 categories: 1. Client's Choice, including:  Client recommendations Being included on client short lists  2. Premium Value, including: Delivering premium value 
Michael Rynowecer
April 29, 2013