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The Mad Clientist

Ready. Set. Grab.

All eyes are on center court. Two confident players jockey for the exact foot position each believes gives them the edge. The referee's whistle sounds. The players are locked in a near-wrestling match; battling fiercely to gain control of the ball - and the court. Only one gains possession. Every…
Michael Rynowecer
March 20, 2012
The Mad Clientist

Litigation Got You Down?

If the tug-of-war of litigation is getting you down, you’re not alone. This year, spending cuts, fee caps, resolution mandates and other aggressive tactics are bringing down not just litigation dollars, but the entire legal market. With a projected growth rate of -1.6% (yes, that is negative), the market for…
Michael Rynowecer
October 25, 2011
The Mad Clientist

Leap. Duck. Swerve.

Many of us spend our Sunday afternoons at this time of year marveling at the deft tactical maneuvers and well-timed evasions of our favorite receivers and running backs. Running head on into a fray of beefy opponents intent on squashing any efforts at forward progress, these players display agility and…
Michael Rynowecer
October 18, 2011