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Imagine clients knocking on your digital door, eager for your ideas and services. The secret? A hidden corner of the digital world: client service excellence.

While law firms scramble for keywords and algorithms, a select few are winning the real game — generating searches for their firm by name. No more hoping someone stumbles upon your website in a vast digital ocean. These clients are seeking you out, pre-qualified and ready to engage.

Trust trumps algorithms

How? BTI’s analysis of searches for 300+ firms in Google Trends reveals a hard-hitting truth: top performers in client service dominate the search landscape. The human connection forged through exceptional service becomes a beacon, drawing clients to your digital landscape.

Meet the Champions.

The Most Searched

Strongly Searched

Searched Well Above Others

The race for the search-by-name benefit is still on. We recommend the following to establish digital search-by-name leadership:

  1. Become a Content Magnet:

Ditch keyword stuffing. Craft high-quality, engaging content. Make it original and be the first on new issues. Clients won’t need to search; they’ll be actively seeking your insights.

  1. Bite-Sized Brilliance:

Deliver your insights in short, digestible nuggets. Micro-content sparks curiosity, drawing readers in for deeper dives.

  1. Measure, Analyze, Conquer:

Understand how and why people find your site. Use this data to tailor your content and attract even more qualified leads.

  1. Analog Meets Digital:

Don’t confine your insights to the web. Promote your digital resources in emails, LinkedIn content, and strategic syndication channels. Every touchpoint is a chance to build awareness, trust, and a search for your firm by name.

  1. Service with a Soul:

Client service is not a tactic, it’s a philosophy. Every interaction, every touchpoint, becomes a microcosm of your firm’s values. Cultivate superior client service and watch your online searches and reputation soar.

Client Service Brings Searches for Your Firm by Name 

Virtually every firm managing to garner measurably more search volume by name are perennial top performers in The BTI Client Service A-Team. The earned trust still beats other tools for bringing clients to your digital assets.

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