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The Law Firms Best at Cybersecurity

By April 25, 2017April 16th, 2020One Comment

Cybersecurity and data privacy is the fastest growing segment of outside counsel spending. It is also the biggest issue keeping clients awake at night. Clients are placing heavy focus on forward-looking, as well as current, cybersecurity issues.

Law firms have been jockeying for position as the market has developed over the last 5 years. And now, clients see a group emerging as the best.

Leading cybersecurity law firms are proactively taking a ground-up approach. They are starting with hosting client-specific briefings educating clients on the business implications and risks—and then focusing on the legal details. Still other firms are finding their ways to Boards to help them understand their risk and exposure.

The firms with the best understanding of the client, and who communicate cybersecurity risk in business terms, win the work for the counselling—and this is the opening for the rest of the cybersecurity-related work.

Please join us in congratulating the following law firms clients identify as leading the charge in cybersecurity:

Best at Cybersecurity:

Baker McKenzie
DLA Piper
Gibson Dunn
Jones Day
Latham & Watkins

Cybersecurity Leaders:

Cleary Gottlieb
Cravath, Swaine & Moore
Davis Polk
Eversheds Sutherland
Fried Frank
Greenberg Traurig
Hogan Lovells
Hunton & Williams
K&L Gates
Kirkland & Ellis
Locke Lord
Paul Hastings
Reed Smith
Sullivan & Cromwell
White & Case

You can learn more about the law firms corporate counsel name as best in cybersecurity, including the 56 law firms named to the Honor Roll of Cybersecurity Firms—as well as what clients are looking for from their law firms—in our new, complimentary report: BTI Law Firms Best at Cybersecurity 2017: Corporate Counsel Rank the Law Firms Leading the Charge on Change.

One Comment

  • ashlynn stone says:

    Hello, I am writing to you because I cannot seem to get any help via any other avenue I have explored.
    Michael Basnight has previously been arrested for this crime (cyberstalking) on the night of the car accident i was the passenger in his vehicle, i denied a relationship with him directly following and due to my choice in blocking him, he then created 92 additional numbers which I also had to block I then began to be followed aggressively.
    It has been over a year of being stalked by a very large group of ex-military individuals. I have had this medically ruled out by 6 different psychiatrists, Apple has confirmed that my devices have been compromised and have case numbers with them. I have multiple case numbers in multiple jurisdictions with local police in different counties. They are electronically harassing me and no one has helped me. I have been pleading for help for over a year, with evidence, year makes and models of vehicles etc, footage, and everything necessary to pursue any action to stop this horrifying life. I am terrified and have no options left. I am homeless, I have nearly starved to death. I have two animals, one of which now has tumors. The signs and symptoms of this stalking seem to align with mental illness or drug use, both of which have been ruled out and proven that neither are a factor in my case concluding that I am not the problem. I, in the most sincere way, need HELP getting away from this dangerous group of people. They have followed me state to state, have illegally been invading my privacy, my peace, illegally intruded my electronics etc ( again proven by apple). I cannot go outside, to a store, drive down the road without being ran off of the road, swarmed wherever I go, using frequency blockers or something of the sort to end important phone calls, they have blocked the few people I have left in my life from my phone, I have changed phones, passwords, numbers, carriers, sim cards, vehicles, states, etc. They continue to disrupt my life leaving it impossible to have simple things such as necessary items for survival. 7866966895 is my phone number that they have already compromised. I am aware that he has private investigators but could he perhaps put me on some sort of government watch list as well?
    the events seem to take place in the wilton manors community and surrounding areas more than others. The homeless coalition is perceived to be ran by missionaries helping the homeless people whom are vulnerable and have no other choice but to take the incentive offer given to them. There seems to be a tie between these missionaries, employees of broward county (some of which went as far as following me to Sanibel Island) , private investigators, churches who also run the salvation army and the haitian/jamaican gangs involved in kidnappings, human trafficking and disappearances. Based on the events that have occurred for over a year I have researched a vast amount of horizons concluding there is no other reason to put me in such a vulnerable state while isolating me creating a digital divide so that I am unable to get any help. With the red and blue “teams” I have seen and have been surrounded by, I am left to think these are government backed gangs. Being that there have been many incidents my personal property has been vandalized in an attempt to put me in even more danger so that I am unable to continue trying to get “away” leaving me with no choice but to explore the only avenue left which is going to a shelter and or the center for women in distress. I am unable to go anywhere or do anything due to the fact my privacy has been invaded. “They” know my every move and alter my cameras. Apple has confirmed that “they” are in my devices and 6 different psychiatrists have confirmed that this unethical treatment and series of events are in fact not in my head.

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