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The 89 Law Firms GCs Recommend Most

By August 28, 2019April 25th, 2020No Comments
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Client recommendations sit at the epicenter of law firm hiring and recurring business. Virtually every top legal decision maker looks to peer recommendations when first thinking of hiring a new law firm. Fully 57% of these decision makers will hire the first firm recommended—even if this firm is recommended just once—hence the power of the unprompted recommendation.

The peer-to-peer recommendation is serious business. Every recommendation is a personal statement about the type of provider—the commitment, service, quality, and demeanor—you are willing to entrust to a peer—from whom they would expect the same.

Superior client service is consistently the leading driver of law firm recommendations by General Counsel. Superior service accounts for nearly 5 times more recommendations (70%) than any other single factor.

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Overall, top legal decision makers recommend 89 law firms. They are:

The 10 Law Firms Standout as Receiving the Most Recommendations

27 Law Firms Standout as Highly Recommended

You can see all the law firms clients recommend and why in The BTI Most Recommended Law Firms 2019: The Firms Top Legal Decision Makers Recommend Above All Others. You can download a copy of the report here.

Congratulations to these high-performing firms.


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