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Superstitions and Customs to Guide or Haunt Your New Year

By January 3, 2018April 16th, 2020No Comments

A certain rock star litigator will wear 1 of only 2 ties when delivering closing arguments. He may add a new tie to this elite collection, but, only if he has success in less serious matters enough times for it to earn its keep as a good-luck tie.

A top rainmaker confesses she always wears her good-luck pin when visiting clients. And she always leaves with work or a lead.

A lead M&A partner always wears purple somewhere in his clothing when he goes to visit clients to brainstorm and talk about possible new deals—he says it brings luck and is associated with creativity.

You get the idea—many successful people have their own superstitions and beliefs. People find big and small contributors to their success in many places—some more mainstream than others. Here are a few contributors for 2018:

A Year for Good Relationships

Astrologers and numerology suggest 2018 creates the right environment to make relationships function well. This includes cooperation, pulling together as a team, and the increased use of intuition. Contrast this with 2017, which was a year of self-sufficiency.

The Timing Is Perfect

The timing for a year of better relationships is perfect. Clients are about to send $3 Billion to outside counsel in 2018 while also reporting inconsistency in their law firms’ delivery—creating an opening for new law firms to strike and showcase their consistency. While every law firm can benefit from diving into client feedback, client teams, and firmwide client service programs to drive change—you’re better off starting while the universe is behind you.  

Superstitions and beliefs are only weird if they don’t work.

Wishing you the best of relationships in 2018.


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