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Litigation spending is in its 3rd year of an upward march. Corporate counsel are spending more on outside counsel. Much more. And a big portion is earmarked for new, complex, high-risk matters—meaning these are real opportunities to get your foot in the door. The Powerhouse and Standout law firms in the links below are the firms corporate counsel tell us they are turning to for their most pressing litigation needs in 2020.

Complex Commercial Litigation Outlook: The Powerhouse and Standout Firms

One of the fastest growing practices in 2020. Clients anticipate spending more in spite of an expected slowdown in matters. Clients are seeking firms who understand complexity and how it can grow.

Class Actions Outlook: The Powerhouse and Standout Firms

Clients expect big increases in spending and even bigger increases in uncertainty. They are getting pickier about who they want defending them.

IP Litigation Outlook: The Powerhouse and Standout Firms

Clients expect bigger, more complex matters to dominate their case load in 2020. Top legal decision makers expect more focus on technical issues than in the past.

The Product Liability Outlook: The Powerhouse and Standout Firms

Spending is up, pricing is getting stronger, and the number of companies facing product liability is down. The claims are getting bigger as plaintiffs focus on more complex products. Clients want firms who can size up the exposure and create a fee accordingly.

Labor and Employment Litigation: The Powerhouse and Standout Firms

Clients are enjoying a continuing stream of innovation on all fronts including work process, staffing, pricing, and technology. And each change is bringing more value. Despite this, clients expect to spend more.

Learn exactly when, where, and how you can immediately gain new business from one of the best litigation opportunities to come along in years. Clients face more new cases, more complex cases, and are searching for the right law firms. Join the more than 100 law firms using BTI Litigation Outlook 2020: Changes, Trends and Opportunities for Law Firms to their immediate advantage, available now.

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