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It’s the widest spectrum of legal needs corporate counsel face in decades. But this is just the start:

  • Almost no clients expect a slowdown in legal needs — in fact — most see the opposite
  • Few in-house legal departments are hiring in-house staff in a meaningful way
  • Outside counsel is headed up for the 4th year in a row
  • All this adds up to one thing — increased demand for outside counsel

New matters, new regulations, regulatory headwinds, and employee activism are unrelenting. False claims are driving regulatory issues and litigation. Data privacy is wreaking havoc as breaches and ransomware attacks soar — and a higher proportion of these are ending in litigation. And there are hostile regulators at every turn.

Corporate counsel are facing all this head-on. And few are adding internal resources in a meaningful way. This explains why:

  • The number of companies increasing spending on outside counsel outpaces the decreasers by 4 to 1
  • 7 industries — the largest spenders — show the most acute needs
  • 6 practices are commanding the highest rate premiums in years
  • High Tech clients have 11 compelling needs
  • Pharma have 10 compelling needs
  • Healthcare have 10 compelling needs
  • Most industries face at least 6 compelling sets of legal needs

Despite these needs:

Clients are quietly trimming law firm panels — but — they are more open to hiring new firms.

Prepare for what is going to be another surprisingly strong year for the firms putting business development up front. There are few places where clients don’t have substantial needs.

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