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50% of clients want to work 2.4 days remotely. 50% of associates want to work 2.5 days a week remotely. We will call this a match. And, there is one more big thing on which they agree will drive the successful hybrid workplace.

Both groups are adamant about selecting their own remote workdays.

They want to plan and navigate these dates around their lives. Individuals in both groups understand they need to be present for certain meetings, court dates, and similar events — but after these, they want to decide.

Management’s trust and confidence means everything. It’s largely about feeling empowered.

Offering the decision on when to work remotely changes the dynamic of client relationships with outside counsel. Success demands more trust in outside counsel. Law firm success will draw on increased communication, improved planning, well-defined workflows, and a clear understanding of internal and client priorities.

You can use hybrid work to improve client service and strengthen client relationships. We recommend:

  • Talking to clients about how they plan to work
  • Establishing clear lines of communication for:
    • Approvals
    • Reviews
    • Changes in circumstances
    • New information
    • Immediate needs
  • Sharing specifics about deliverables before starting work
  • Providing updates early and often

All but the first recommendation are key parts of excellent client service no matter how you work.

89% of corporate counsel want to spend some time working remotely. Only 5% of associates want to work in the office full time — leaving 95% looking for a hybrid workplace — even if it’s one day a week.

Both corporate counsel and associates want the trust and confidence of their respective leadership. It brings engagement and empowerment — powerful drivers behind job satisfaction and retention.

Giving the hybrid choice will become another tool in the war for talent — and is strong enough to outweigh the big raises.

Best of luck in the market and the talent wars.

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