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Top legal decision makers want to learn more about what’s going on at their law firms and stay on top of thought leadership. These are just 2 reasons why growth in law firm followers on LinkedIn is rising faster than law firm revenue and profits.

Followers can discover what direction law firms are headed by the nature of their posts and learning about new partners. Law Firm LinkedIn sites (as opposed to individual attorney pages) are becoming a central point of information and insight. They will eventually become as important as law firm websites — serving as an additive tool to boost engagement.

BTI research on more than 200 law firms over the last 12 months unveils the first set of key benchmarks law firms can use to measure their performance. These include:

  • The typical law firm enjoyed 21% growth in the number of LinkedIn followers over the last year
  • The median growth in followers is 19% — close to the average — suggesting there are few outliers
  • 67 of the Am Law 200 firms beat the average

Look for LinkedIn pages for firms and attorneys to grow in importance and influence. Clients enjoy the convenience of one-stop learning. A growing number of clients enjoy commenting and adding to their own networks by seeing who else comments. Clients like to engage and benefit from being active.

We recommend these 4 tactics to boost high-quality followship and engagement to start:

  • Invite clients to follow your firm page as standard practice when opening a matter.
  • Post content between 7 and 11 times. LinkedIn feeds are crowded and move quickly — the chances of getting noticed are low. Ideally, we envision multiple postings spread over 2 weeks (including weekends) – but it can be easily extended to 20 or 60 days. A few outliers have had success with 3 and 5 months.
  • Use an image instead of a firm logo and name — it will increase your chances of engagement by a factor of 12.
  • Start your post with the meat of the content. It breaks so many rules of attorney writing but readers only see the first sentence of your post — you have 7 seconds to grab their attention.

Law firms’ use of LinkedIn is in the early stages of development and benefit. Law firms embracing the art of LinkedIn engagement will find themselves with more inbound leads and brand presence. You can also use LinkedIn to boost website performance and vice versa — it helps all around.

Best in the market ahead.

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