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More than 80% of clients are going through a business transformation. 67% of corporate counsel are playing a mission-critical role in this transformation — and they single out the law firms best suited for this high-value new and novel work.

These firms are best at delivering on the all-new expectations arising from clients changing how they do business. This marks the early stages of new branding based on law firms who can:

Serve as the source of new ideas:

Hungry for innovation and transformation in-house counsel seek law firms to help brainstorm their way ahead of the curve.

Develop brand new strategies and thinking:

Clients want brand new thinking to help deliver new approaches to their business — and the legal issues they are likely to face.

Bring tech savvy in delivering services:

Your tech-savvy delivery sends a high-value message about how your firm invests in improving its performance and capabilities.

Use and understand key aspects of Generative AI:

Clients believe the firms adopting Generative AI are best suited to help them evaluate and anticipate the legal implications of their plans.

Offer creative interpretations of existing rules and regulations:

Clients want the secret sauce to being able to get something done. They believe it lies in the new and creative interpretations — it offers up answers the naysayers don’t bring.

You can learn exactly which firms clients recognize and how to be recognized in BTI’s inaugural report, Leading Edge Law Firms 2024, which identifies the 121 firms best equipped to meet the new leading-edge expectations. Here are the top 33 out of the 121 clients rank as best:

BTI Leading Edge Law Firms 2024: Law Firms Creating the Future with and for Clients comes with unlimited telephone support.

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