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Going remote is stealing all the thunder.

While the world talks about the very real pressures and issues thrust upon us all, top legal decision makers still have to manage their legal issues and caseloads. They tell us they really only have a few choices. These include:

  1. Using Leverage to Settle
    29% see negotiating leverage in the slow courts. They want to use the leverage to settle their matters. Each of these clients is reaching and actively looking for closure on these matters — which eliminates risk, work, and spending on legal fees.
  1. Go to Mediation
    28% tell us they are going (or have gone) to mediation. These are the clients who feel like they will have a better outcome going through mediation, saving both time and money, rather than waiting to work these matters further through the court system. Clients see this as a streamlined solution with the same final benefit of settling — eliminating the risk and spending on these matters.
  1. Let Things Play Out
    43% of clients are fine just letting things play out. They have their hands full with a host of pandemic related issues. Delays and slowdowns offer time to spend in other places. The delays also enable these clients to define new virtual work patterns including, normalizing conversation on video calls; getting to an intuitively comfortable level sharing documents on screen; and getting used to new flex time requirements for themselves, outside counsel, and their teams.

The more you know about your client’s approach to the delays, the more you can help. This will also give you insight into client objectives and pressures. Clients who are focusing on new issues want different levels of support — including more strategy and counseling.

We recommend asking your clients. Even if you know they’re thinking about a few matters, their overall approach may be different, as only a finite number of matters are being delayed. And, the courts are reopening.

Be well. Be cautious. Be healthy.


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