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BTI Industry Power Rankings 2017: The Law Firms with the Best Client Relationships in 18 Industries

By July 11, 2017April 16th, 2020No Comments

Having strong primary relationships wins more work from existing clients. Being recommended by clients secures more new clients. Achieving both of these milestones with a single client is ideal—and financially beneficial for law firms. BTI’s client relationship metric—Clientopia—makes assessing your relationships a quantifiable, straightforward task. More than 950 top legal decision makers at the world’s leading organizations rank more than 500 law firms in 18 industries based on the strength of their client relationships. These are the law firms clients name as their Core, go-to firms, the firms they Recommend most to their peers, and those prized firms who lay claim to both: Clientopia. (Length: 141 pages)

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