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Top legal decision makers are looking for the BTI Client Service All-Stars at record levels. More than 38,000 have searched our brand new BTI Client Service All-Stars 2022 directory since we launched on February 8, 2022.

Clients are keenly interested in learning more about these elite attorneys. Their searches reveal a lot — how they are thinking about their attorneys, DEI, law firm rosters, and their most pressing needs. 3 major lessons standout. These are:

Actively Improving DEI — Women BTI Client Service All-Stars

Women account for about 23% of law firm partners but they account for 34.6% of the BTI Client Service All-Stars in our online directory. And the data shows top legal decision makers are searching for them as clients look to build out more diverse teams.

Learning How BTI Client Service All-Stars Think About Clients and Setting New Expectations

Top legal decision makers are eager to learn how attorneys think about helping clients. Few attorneys ever talk about their client philosophies — clients read these statements to gauge what they might expect, and often think about and engage in specific discussions about their own expectations.

They give clients (and potential clients) a unique and high value reason to engage.

BTI Client Service All-Stars can share their client philosophy on their profile page — one of the only sources for such insight. Top legal decision makers spend more time on profiles with a client service philosophy.

Meeting Their Most Acute Needs

Searches by top legal decision makers reveal the practices with the most acute need. The first 3 practices are virtually tied:

      • Cyber/Data Privacy
      • Litigation
      • M&A
      • Investigations
      • Health Care
      • Real Estate

Cyber is edging out Litigation and M&A, as demand for data privacy is soaring — and growing faster than M&A and Litigation. Clients are deeply concerned about Investigations while Health Care faces an acute level of need across many legal fronts. Real Estate is showing heightened interest from clients.

Top clients are checking out attorneys with whom they have already worked with. They are also scanning for attorneys they have met, are proposing work, or building out their knowledge base. These searches also point to the most current areas of need — as the searches tend to relate to near-term issues.

The site’s immediate popularity underscores the importance clients attach to client service — no matter how busy they are — and how busy law firms are. You can search the site here.

Again — congratulations to each and every BTI Client Service All-Star.

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