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The Mad Clientist Minute: The Weekly Video to Help You Drive More Business

By September 14, 2016April 16th, 2020No Comments

You spoke and we listened. After many requests for short, concise video clips—we are pleased to announce our brand-new video feature: The Mad Clientist Minute. These highly focused weekly videos offer an in-depth look at BTI’s research, experience, data, case studies, and analysis. BTI Principal Jennifer Petrone Dezso and I will be sharing our insights on a wide range of topics including business development, client service, marketing budgets, client feedback, and how to drive more business.

This week’s video, What Successful Client Teams Really Look Like, breaks down what it takes to build a superior client team, including the most important ingredient necessary for continued success:

You can also watch the videos we’ve already posted, including:

Why Big Law Is Winning the Battle for New Work and New Clients 

Big Law is not only doing things differently than they’ve done in the past, but they’re also doing things differently than other law firms. And why it’s working.

Where to Invest More to Build Superior Client Relationships

Hear exactly how law firms with the most successful client relationships allocate their marketing and business development budgets.

Clients: “To Get Hired Today Law Firms Must Understand My Business Needs”

The single biggest factor clients use when evaluating whether or not to hire a law firm.

How Big Law Uses Client Feedback Differently 

BTI’s research finds big law uses client feedback in ways most firms typically don’t consider—while finding ways to push traditional client feedback a step further than expected.

We’ll be releasing these videos here on The Mad Clientist blog every Tuesday—be sure not to miss a single one by subscribing in the upper right corner of this page.


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