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Clients Name Best Law Firms in the Top Spending Industries

By July 13, 2016April 16th, 2020No Comments

Clients want relationships. They want strong, growing, and robust relationships. And they want them to last a long time—maybe more than law firms do. These relationships are built on client service.

Top legal decision makers are clear, articulate, and decisive when it comes to defining what client service means to them. The top attributes: understanding the client’s business and unique needs.

Clients want law firms to place legal advice into a business context in order to help manage business risk. General Counsel tell BTI their CEOs routinely ask the GC for the business risk and implications of legal issues. The law firms able to answer these questions will win the business and the relationship.

The top spending industries and the law firms who are succeeding at understanding the client’s business—and earning primary status and the recommendations by clients to their peers— include:

  • The 11 Law Firms Best at Matching The Dynamic Needs Of The Banking Industry
  • 17 Law Firms Deemed Invaluable As Energy Industry Repositions For The Future

  • Diversity of Need Drives 18 Best Law Firm Relationships For Financial Services Clients
  • 16 Law Firms Thinking Like Their High Tech Clients: Big, Fast, and Global
  • Insurance Clients Seek Firms Who Speak Fluently About Unfolding Industry: 16 Answer
  • Manufacturing Clients Lay Claim To Largest Number Of Clientopia Relationships With 45 Law Firms
  • Big Pharma Finding the Right Balance With These 10 Law Firms

The firms named in these industries—along with those in 9 more industries—are drawn from our brand new report BTI Power Rankings 2016: The Law Firms with the Best Client Relationships. Use the analysis and insight in this report to develop more Clientopia relationships with your clients and enjoy all the benefits of stronger relationships.

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