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Clientology: How Clients Hire and How Law Firms Win Work

By July 23, 2015April 16th, 2020No Comments

As a new generation of legal decision makers steps into power and competitive forces remain at record highs, the way law firms win and retain clients is being redefined. A few years ago, law firms could see the competition coming. Like-sized firms with similar geographic footprints and service offerings were the biggest threats to your business pipeline. So how can you win the work before someone else does? And how do you protect the work—and the client relationship—once you have it?

In BTI’s 16th annual study of General Counsel and legal decision makers, we interviewed more than 300 legal executives to find out what factors most influence a client’s hiring decision, what ultimately makes clients choose one law firm over another, why relationships with law firms break down, which law firms are winning more work than the rest, and how they are doing it.

Clientology: How Clients Hire and How Law Firms Win Work provides you with the latest trends in client hiring and the strategies you need to: improve your firm’s win rate; maximize your ROI on business development initiatives; increase your client retention; grow your firm (at the expense of the competition); and much more. (Length: 58 pages)

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